Decision Support

Decision support systems help your organization obtain a higher level of success and profitability by leveraging knowledge and information to your strategic advantage. Decision support systems provide the ability to make important, real-time business decisions based upon quantifiable business rules and information. PeakVista understands how to properly merge business logic with raw data to yield intelligent and meaningful results.

We provide agile, high-performance solutions that incorporate proven decision point analysis and constraint check techniques to quickly evaluate real word business scenarios. To support the business decision process, we know the optimal methods to mine and synthesis information from large-scale data warehouses, legacy systems and enterprise-level databases.

Let PeakVista work with your organization to leverage your corporate data and make better real-time business decisions. You will be amazed at the positive impact to your bottom line operating costs.

PeakVista engineers developed a real-time control center application for an air express company that automatically recommends the most effective way to recover freight "at risk" at an airport due to a freight overflow or sudden aircraft maintenance problem. This real-time application offers a new spin on the decision-making process by combining traditional decision support business rules with a "real-time" component that tracks the en-route location of all aircraft